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In 2021, we helped over 420 students with their assignments, essays and exams.

Take a look at our samples:

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We helped a student with his final-year project in marketing, analysing omni-channel strategies for a real-life company


We helped a student calculate bond prices for her fixed-income assignments in her Capital Markets & Investments course

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 2022-01-02 at 5.30.23 PM.png


We helped a student calculate equilibrium profits and externality outcomes for his Microeconomics assignment


We helped a student to write Python code for insertion sort on linked lists during a timed quiz


These guys saved me a few days before my final submission for my Economics essay -- they wrote a stunning 2000-word essay on market externalities and thanks to them I went from a 2.1 overall to getting a 1st Class. My consultant was the top student in his year at LSE so he really knew his stuff. 


London School of Economics & Political Science

I was super stressed out at school so I needed someone to help write my Principles of Marketing report, and their consultant did a really good job that prevented me from failing the class. I've been relying on them to help me for random things in school and it really makes life more manageable.


National University of Singapore

I was in LKCSB and was struggling to catch up with my Finance electives, my tutor was extremely clear in clarifying some of the confusing concepts and brought me through my graded assignments and projects. He was very responsive to all my questions and even gave me notes from other unis to help my understanding.


Singapore Management University

My tutor was this brilliant Master's graduate from Cambridge and he made Econometrics such a breeze for me. If not for him, I probably would have fail the elective.


Columbia University

Here's what some of our students have to say


My consultant gave me really good comments and edits for my Stats for Market Research course and helped me think through my entire end-of-course project, which got me a really solid grade. I got a 1st class in the end and I'm really happy with the work by this company, their tutors are honestly really smart.


SIM Singapore

During my Macroeconomics project, my tutor helped me with the entire thing, from the research, data sourcing to writing the actual report and proper referencing -- they're a lot more professional than some of the other services I've seen out there and they really make it worth your while.


RMIT Singapore

For my Business Skills course I was really struggling with my TMA because I had never used Excel before going to uni, but my tutor was someone who had taught a similar course before and he really explained everything very clearly and showed me how to apply the right Excel skills for the assignment.


Singapore University of

Social Sciences

I was impressed by the speed and efficiency that my consultant had when he helped to write Python code for my group project. Everything was really professionally done and formatted and he really understood how to ace the requirements of my Prof in school.


Nanyang Technological University

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